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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  January 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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over the last year. in 2010 13,366 individuals and businesses filing for bankruptcy. >> were sinking to new problem from the housing crisis were people's homes are no longer affordable. they're not refinance the ball. were also seeing people that are suffering from unemployment. where it's dragging out for months even years where they can't find a job because of the job crisis across the country. >> the increase over the fast years is dramatic. experts say while in the past those filing for bankruptcy were those living paycheck to paycheck a wet no safety net, >> people with establishes businesses of gondar, rescind the average income of the people i'm serving now anywhere from 150 to
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$40,000 a year. that kind of thing, is not sufficient to deal with the debt it took on in better times. >> experts say the biggest mistake people make is waiting too long to get advice. by that time all savings are depleted. this is the best advice is to get advice early on. so you have options. in san jose del carmen kron 4 news. >> starting now to the state budget battle, on the proposal from gov. jerry brown could save the state $1.4 billion a year. the plan which state prisoners to county jail facilities. however, as kron 4 reports one barry scher says that idea could compromise public safety. >> transferring state prisoners to county jail like them acquire correctional facilities see behind me may help gov. jerry brown reduce the state's budget deficit. however san mateo county sheriff says it may also
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mean their early release of inmates here because he says this facility just does not have the room. >> were actually overcrowded here. the building was built for 688 inmates today have over 900 inmates at assigned to 1100 in this facility. >> amazing cal jill inmates would have an impact on public safety perry had >> to promise the inmates we have now we have deemed it that we need to keep us need to protect the community. >> however share said the governor's ideas are not without merit carry >> in theory it's actually pretty good putting inmates back close to the community, getting the plug into community-based resources and treatment alternatives before they get out store not just kicked about the door expecting that to be successful. the concept is a good one periods from is our system of the cash levels not built for the capacity pair >> at the mcgwire correctional facility kron 4 news. >> responsibility for
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fighting wildfires such as the 2008 summit fire in santa cruz mountains could be shifted to local firefighters as part of the governor's new budget plan. this is video from the blaze. the proposal could cut house fires budget by as much as one-third. this would reduce the number fire fighters on a typical engine crew cutting some 700 state firefighters by the summer. that would mean city and county fire departments already deal with budget cuts of their own would have a lot more territory to cover and fewer resources. >> every time we make a change it does have a direct impact on our capacity. while wildland fires give you a lot of headway and happened really quickly, it's just a concern for the loss of resources but it's also stresses the need for individual home owners of property owners to make
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sure that they're aggressive about maintaining roads bases with general property. >> details of the plan are being worked out but a spokesperson for cal fire said city and county fire departments what action received extra funding from the state. >> parents and teachers are fighting to keep the conference opened. this morning rally was held out sides over what elementary, the schools in danger of being closed at the end of the year due to the huge budget deficit in mount diablo. many parents say they chose this neighborhood to buy their home based on the school. >> we feel very cheated. but i moved here specifically for the school a planned it that way. now of a fear that it not been here anymore. >> the school districts holding a public meeting wednesday to lay out in detail the reasons over what and several there schools have been selected for possible closure. big layoffs coming to uc-
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berkeley the counselor said the school will lay off nearly 150 employees this year. most of the affected employes will be let go by june. some of already been notified. they're expected to see the school about $20 billion. university of california system missing another record number of undergraduate applicants for the 2011 semester. despite the rising cost of number of applications rose 6.1% to more than one after 42,000. it also reported a 10.7% increase in out-of-state applicants. at 22.5% jump in international stood application. >> highs today were pretty nice into the '60s and a lot of places. as you look outside clear skies over san francisco although there is some fog out toward the ocean. sheriff for close to partly cloudy skies for this evening. at that as the goal
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tonight into the overnight hours look for some fog to develop that it could be fairly that's especially into tomorrow morning at a special for the for the north bay saturday looking really nice. mostly sunny and warmer all like to know more about it later on. >> this is to this sub status of a man wants a constitutional amendment. the submitted california governor cannot issue any more last-minute bargains. the bill would provide the kind of deal that covers sports figure made for the son of former assembly speaker fabulous. here looking rest of ontario to the former republican governor cut the sentence of this yet unmanned 21 year- old as the bond to seven years up from 16. the victim's family might remember it very and grow, said they did not give notice. that this amendment would require governor to give everybody 30 days' notice before granting any kind of party over proof. >> new at 5:15 p.m. another
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arizona victim laid to rest. more good news for congresswoman gap real difference recovery. at 5:40 p.m. and a target for criminals. why cyprus these are now loftier smart phone. at 5:50 p.m. shifting signs. why years zodiac sign might not be what she thought. details coming up. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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in view of the lot, on the left as the effective date, on the right video from a high tide. in the past some cars up and stopped in front due to high tide. and heavy rain. cross dressing robbers ago this of the car shop and to which taxing. kimberly has all look good videos that will have the talking. >> i have three good ones for you today. i want to keep your eyes on a couple there, one in the skirt others and birds and pets.
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authorities said the cross drafts dressing care if they're trying to secure the home depot and see the pop-up smoke. security confronted them. police say that was pepper spray, the suspects were restaurant charged with robbery and aggravated assault. meat and animal named as the. edward then butchered goat is something to look like he looked sick of it would dog. he lives here a car shot. to the on our bottom as a joke and a wide did like at home so we took to the automotive shop. this took a look at the third one i have for you. tech didn't text in walking to the next to that girl fell into the found. slow it down and there should goes into the found. she appears to be ok you could hear founder around for little bit of legislation does walk away. i'm pretty surprised nobody seemed to notice that she did that. >> if temperatures really
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nice of their look of the house today nearly 70 degrees in santa rosa lots of 60s from the bay area. all such know it's going to be like this weekend. coming up.
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less than a week after being shot in the head at a meet and greet event in tucson arizona, congresswoman cabral conferred remains in critical condition but continues to make progress. but doctors say she's opening our eyes more frequently and performing more complex movements spontaneously and not man. >> he could hope for better given the severity of for entry. >> she's one of four victims still helpless hospitalize nine others have been
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released. including gifford aid from barbara pam simon who stop by difference tucson office. >> chris chambliss and never led some much of a family until now. i am so blast to be alive. >> investigators' focus on the movements of 22 year-old suspect it jerry lee leading up to the mass shooting on saturday. a bag found thursday in a dry riverbed near his home contain seven boxes of the same kind of ammunition used in the shooting. it's been tested by the fbi for dna fingerprints. if the results could take up to 10 days. it offers behind bars and faces federal charges for the attack that injured 13 people and killed six including federal judge john role whose funeral service was held in tucson to die. arizona senators introduce legislation to name a new federal courthouse in arizona after a judge ruled. an aide to senator john mccain says
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were recently approved it. in washington kron 4 news. >> detectives investigating talk in a california state senator, they want to know more about the threats that the state sinister receive less bring. christine conley spoke to senator you just a couple of hours ago. this is an unusual connection what is this investigation? >> which i find out there interested in threats he received after he criticized stair pailin. the staffs of the tucson investigator action contacted them on monday and there try to find out more from asian about these threats. we don't know the exact connection yet our why it bought the atrocity on top to vote with these threats world surrounding. you will remember that senator he made headlines and ruffled the feathers of sir pailin support of my tread on cover the details.
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after that he received dozens of races phone calls and also a fax that threaten the senator's life. that's for sure you the facts this is what tucson investigators were interested in finding more about. enclose a picture of a pickup truck with an american flag on it dragon news. is also a picture of a rifle scope targeting sure with a comment communist sure what the blood dripping from that simple. there's another page of the facts that says " death of all domestic marxist " it took a listen to what senator yet to sell about bus and a possible connection with and tucson investigators. the >> there was some reason for the authorities to contact my staff and they're now looking into this matter now leave at that. this is not about me is just about the way in which we all behave in that is we really have to tone down the hate that is
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within our community these days. and all of us need to understand that we can affect have spirited discussion and have differences of opinion carry and >> we know there's a definite connection puree >> that's not something we know at this point. they just got a phone call that they're interested in finding out more from asia about this fax. no one was ever arrested in this case is still open as far as the case goes. >> stay with kron 4 for continued coverage of years of shooting as well as the investigative shim. kota kron 4 da, time for the latest information. >> we have the fog this morning, sometime midafternoon and now the fog is back here in the golden gate bridge. it's pretty heavy with visibility limited. temperatures still lies in the '60s lot of places checking in at 63 degrees. 61 + attend all the
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cooler up the coast at 53 degrees. here's the satellite view of the clouds of the rain to the north of the bay area. a few showers run you recall that for the rain will stay for this entire weekend. we advise whether coming up on sunday we will catch the tail end of the week weather system that may produce a couple sprinkles sunday. in the meantime for tonight look for a dense fog especially in the north bay, east valleys they should be getting the worst around more and more. a dense fog advisor for the north bay. in the afternoon mostly sunny and warmer again the chance for a few showers on our morning star ventures with a lot of fog and low clouds in the '40's but as mild as 54 san francisco @ oakland. 48 for san jose " for the they watched as amateurs warm of from the '40's and '50's to the '60s by tomorrow afternoon. berlin is that today was mostly sunny skies. a few
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clouds and some readings closing in on seven degrees six sant rosa as well as livermore. here's a look of the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay into the holiday weekend. i get more clouds and a couple of sprinkles for sunday. a lot better for monday mar. luther king day with morning fog afternoon sunshine and readings near 70. >> most restaurants are have to have a steady clientele but kron 4 jeff pierce from one at six famous as well as fortune. >> our goal is to become world famous. >> loved his diner in antioch after is appearance on the fruit networks this latest creation is taken him a long way toward achieving that goal. a star with the 4 1/2 pound burger. after year need something else. so i made a sixth down all lead. is reorders of cash from, six eggs, prodigy's burger
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patty, to biscuits 15 ounces of engraving. >> the food network has callous hits on youtube and inspired love to greater heights. >> i recall the double dog area. it's going to be like a double decker. it will way out at about 10 lbs. per >>. in antioch jeff kron 4 news. >> san francisco traffic a standstill that's 80 toward the lower deck of the bay bridge moving quite slow. if the lower part of your screen southbound 101. warner is after the break.
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sales topped $462 billion in 2010. and that's 9 billion more than the peak of 2007. experts say they don't figure in inflation. sales
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would have to reform the 70 billion to soak shore recession recovery. to help those numbers retailers are turning to social media website. our internet reporter kimberly houses what's in store. >> she's to chat, make friends show off your likes and dislikes but how many facebook half-million users actually considered a place to shop? with social media sites of mobile apps becoming a part of our day- to-day life, retailers and checking out ways to use social media tools for offering more than just to bonds. think about the stores you like on facebook following twitter or were you check-in. i expect those retailers to get even more social in 2011. that is pushing a discount but burning customers like you). learning likes, dislikes and helping your shopping in stores, online or from your smart phone. >> and retailers is the page better be filled up more with consumer comments on their own push
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telecommunication. >> 3 a tel industry a hot topic tapping into the interactive nature face book, twitter to make major retail chains feel as strongly to shoppers as old- fashioned mom and pops. >> it's engaging listen to what the customer must say and supporting it. >> that means making a shopping experience more personal and local the special more convenient the pavement at but not mabel's a customer to browse the merchandise discuss the products and complete a purchase. >> facebook users collectively face book. the idea is you really needed a way to turn your face book page and to waive acquire new customers. >> shoppers look for more hot, more interaction a more mobile interactions or retailers will try new things to. the bridge ratified all the places where consumers to make
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sure their presence there as well. >> kimberly kron 4 news. >> of the former ruth clear skies out there right now but the fog is coming tonight carry it out type of the forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend coming up.
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